The @rapidweaver twitter account wants to follow you!

I’m looking to up the activity on the @rapidweaver twitter account and I’d like to know what accounts he should follow — I’m hoping to re-tweet more about what you guys are releasing!

Post your account and any others we should be following below…

1 Like follows all of the stack developers (i think) plus a few other regulars.


Oh that’s awesome. Thanks!


Very cool @dan. Really appreciate it. Mine is the same as it ever was – @elixirgraphics

@barzille is my twitter account

Hi Dan,

Thanks. @blueballdesign

Long time no see around here @blueballdesign! Didn’t realize you were still doing RapidWeaver stuff. @Multithemes

Thanks Guys, I think @rapidweaver has started following you all…

If not, DM me so I can add you :slight_smile:

If you spot any RW related accounts that we’re not following please let me know.


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