Title Element and Title Font

I’m trying to understand the difference between Title Element and Title Font. Also, I don’t understand the Options for Title Font:
Default (Site Styles)
Text Family (Site Styles)
H1 Family (Site Styles)


Hi Ray,
I’ll try to explain;
In Foundation Site Styles you can set the font styling for all of the different text tags (H1-H6 and p).
I assume you are now styling TopBar?

It is simply asking which one (that you set up in site styles) that you want to use. Normally you would select one of the h sizes (h1-h6) for a title
I hope that makes sense

Scott, thanks very much for the explanation. Please help with my further questions:

  1. Ok, so I pick a FONT for Headlines (Foundation Header Stack) and then h1- h6 are different sizes of that font, right?

  2. The I pick a FONT for Paragraph (Foundation Paragraph Stack), right? QUESTION: are there any options (Site Styles) for different sizes of the Paragraph font?

Bye R@y

  1. Correct
  2. Correst / Yes (see screen shot)

in addition, you should check out Big White Duck’s Excellent ParagrapgPro and HeaderPro stacks which give you even more options. They are very powerful and Andrew @tav is an amazing RW developer. - Please leave him a donation for the stacks.


Many thanks…great info! I have @tav’s stacks but forgot about using them!