Top bar drops down a line when moving between breakpoints

I have a menu that has a solid background just above a background picture. When I shrink the page, between the full size, which is ok, and the mobile, also ok, the menu drops down a line and I can’t see it.


in between

the web site is!calendar

any hints?


Not sure why it’s happening. Looks like bug in top-bar

This CSS looks like it fixes it:

ul.title-area.title-area-site-setup {
    margin-right: 0;

There is an easier way to do this. In TopBar, there is a setting that says Full Menu At, change that to Desktop only and it should make it a mobile menu when it gets too small like that.

thanks Doug
I will give both of these a go.

thanks Robert
I will try this - but presumably it will then use the mobile menu on the ipad?

Yes, it will be the mobile menu on iPad, at least in portrait mode

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