Foundation Top Bar not showing all sub menu items on mobile

Using Top Bar 1.7.16 for a simple menu.
Works well as full menu.

On Mobile the nav is ok but the last subnav is missed and the last shown subnavs height is too less – ends at the bottom of the font.
A set Mobile Back Text is increasing the height for the back area, but the subnav area does not change.
What do I miss?

No expert here on menu stacks but I had the same issue with one and it was a conflict of the menu stack within another stack or possibly specific kinds of stacks below the menu. It’s almost like the menu dropdown is layered under other stacks. (if you know css you might try a special z-index setting for the menu)

Just as a test, dup your page as a test page, move the menu out by itself and see what you get. (don’t forget to delete the test page when done)

Link to your site will help us try to help you.

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