Top Menu Bar Button - Link to external site New Window

Is there a way to add an link to an external site that opens in a new window on the top menu bar?

I tried “Use Redirect Page” and in the General tab I checked “Open in a new window”. This does not work when I preview in chrome. Does the site need to be published for it to work? Or is there another way to have have a button on the top menu that opens to a new page?


You mean a link on your regular main menu? Yes, you can use a redirect page. But rather than count on the actual redirect page I add a redirect to my .htaccess file. It’s a bit faster that way I think. Actually, if you use a redirect you can use any type of page as the redirect in .htaccess does the redirect and the page is never loaded. In fact, you don’t even have to upload the page. You just need it in RW to get it into the menu (obviously)…

Let me know if you need an example…

Oh… sorry… forgot you are wanting to open in a new window… see this…

(google “redirect in new window”)

I am new to RW… so once I find a good javascript code to open in a new window I can then paste this in the HTML code section for the offset page?

I have tried different javascript code in the HTML code section but no luck…

Any other ideas on how to create a redirect link in TOP Menu Bar that opens in a new window? I do not want the user to leave the site created when they click a link.


No putting the code in the HTML code section would not do anything. You would put the script code on your server and direct the page to the code to execute it I believe. ie: Use a forwarding page and forward to the script sitting on your server.

I would ask, however, about the “practice” of having a link to an external site on your main menu bar. That just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Perhaps others here could join in? I know I would be a little surprised to find that a menubar link took me offsite.

This helps and I also feel the same way about link to an external site on the main menu bar. This is what the client wanted… It is a link to their youtube channel.

I am going to suggest changing this so that the main menu link goes to a page on the site that will have a link to the external youtube channel.


There are all kinds of special stacks you could use. Run a “Headline” across the top of page for the Channel. Put a “Badge” in the corner linking to the Channel… Slider out of the side of the page… etc.

I’m not sure that’s what the OP is asking for. I think they are asking for the same functionality as target="_blank"

It seems like there should be an easy way to do this, but I can’t figure it out.