Open a new window from a menu item

I thought this was a certain type of page issue…
Now after testing…it is across the board.

When this is published…here is the code it produces:

a href="./" rel="" class="nav-link">Home</a></li><li class="nav-item"><a href="NewPage1/" rel="" class="nav-link">New Window</a></li><li class="nav-item"><a href="calendar/" rel="" class="nav-link">Cal</a>

You will notice…all of the rel=“” tags should be rel=“external” but are only rel=“”

This is a bug…big time.
I have tested this in several themes.
All the same.
Here is a test page, all the pages but Home are set to open in a new window…they don’t!

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I’ll double check with Tom, but pretty sure this is something that would be dependent on the theme you’re using. Note “Requires theme support” in the tooltip provided.

Out of curiosity, what’s the use case of having pages in your navigation open in a new window? From an accessibility and usability standpoint, it’s a nightmare.

I tried all the stock Themes, Foundation & several others…this function does not work…
There are uses…not on every site…but it can be useful.

@joemart1951 I’ve reproduced this and added it to the bug tracker. I guess it could be useful in some cases but it’s a rarely used feature, it didn’t work in RW7 either.

Edit: Unless it is dependant on the theme like Arron said…

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@tpbradley - I beg to differ. I use that feature on my ham club’s website for various documents to allow members to access the file while still having the site on another tab.


Thank you…I use it to access some pages that will not load inside of another window.
Sure wish it would work.

Oh interesting! What version of RW are you using and what theme?

8.0.3…but a friend on 8.1 said it is not working either

Cool ok, what theme?

Foundation…but I have tested it in all supplied themes with 8.0.3
I am hoping @dan will at least have a work around for me…

Got a fix for this in the latest 8.1 beta, feel free to give it a go :wink:


Thanks for the update…
I just tried to open a new window with Foundation on an offsite page…still doesn’t create the rel=“external”
Am I doing something wrong?
I just got the Beta 7 version.

@joemart1951 The rel=“external” shouldn’t be generated now, instead there should be a target="_blank". It’ll only do this after exporting the site, not in preview.

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This is what I am getting:

  		<ul class="navbar-nav ml-auto"><li class="nav-item active"><a href="./" rel="" class="nav-link">Untitled Page</a></li><li class="nav-item"><a href="" rel="" class="nav-link">Untitled Page 2</a></li></ul>

Enginering theme

@joemart1951 Can you confirm that you’re using RW8.1 (20577b), the “Engineer” theme bundled with Rapid Weaver 8, checked the “Open in new window” boxes and that you’re publishing/exporting the site before looking at the HTML?

I’ve just tried creating a new project, adding two Styled Text pages, setting them both to “Open in new window”, then publishing the site to a local folder. The result is

<ul class="navbar-nav ml-auto"><li class="nav-item active"><a href="./" target="_blank" class="nav-link">Untitled Page</a></li><li class="nav-item"><a href="styled/" target="_blank" class="nav-link">Untitled Page 2</a></li></ul>

If I don’t check the “Open in new window” boxes, I see the rel field instead

<a href="./" rel="" class="nav-link">

I get the same…no matter if I check the box or not.


There’s a later build. 20577b From your screenshot you have 20573b.

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Could you give me a link please.

It’s here in this Forum…

Yay…that works
Thank you so much