Topbar not clickable

Hi friends,

Why would the Foundation Topbar not be clickable when stationary but ok once scrolled?
It is set to always show, full menu at tablet, sticky and contain within body.

Hi Chris,

try this custom CSS:

#stacks_out_183_page0 {


it’s because the grummage two column stack is “over top” of it.
I’m not sure if you can set overflow to hidden in that stack or not, but mess with that stacks settings.

Better yet @tav may see this and give you the correct answer

Thanks guys.
CSS works for the home page thanks @jochenabitz
Ill wait for @tav also.


Hi @bitbumpy
You’ve just hit the perfect storm there I’m afraid. It is the vertical centering on the 2col that is the problem when in a section, in a floating body with a cover image. There is a newer and more elegant solution though.
If you turn off v-center on the 2col and enable the Foundation equalizer, you can then put a SectionsBox (also set to equalize) in the RH column and set its content align to vertically centered - no other settings changes required.

I’ve made a little example project for you here

Thanks Legend.
Love your work.

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