Total CMS v1.4 - Mind Blowing Blogs

Get your update engines ready because Total CMS v1.4 has arrived! This update brings a lot of professional polish to Total Blogs. It also has a lot of great updates and fixes for other CMS components. There were over 100 fixes and new features but here are some of the highlights…

  • Completely new Blog List layout engine allows you to create tons of professional, high quality layouts.
  • Full localization into 7 different languages
  • Full customization of date formats include relative time (e.g. 1 week ago)
  • Read time for blog posts
  • oEmbed support in Blog Posts and Hipwig
  • Feed items can be edited again
  • Many new macros for blogs and galleries
  • Easier setup with automated hints when things may not be configured properly in the CMS.
  • Completely move to the latest API and requires Stacks 3.5. Preferably with RapidWeaver 7.5

Full Release Notes:
Blog Layouts Demo Project:
Blog Layout Preview: (temporary)


@joeworkman Awesome job, updating products and coming up with new features is not the easiest thing in the world. Mad respect. :+1:

That’s awesome. Thinking I should maybe switch the Realmac Blog over to this. Like it a lot!


Guys, let’s keep the discussion on topic, the great new blogging tools of Total CMS. You can start a new thread and discuss what you want, but please do not go off topic. It just derails this announcement for the developer.

@zeebe I’m ignoring too.

Great update, Joe. Lots to love here.

Way to go Joe!! Amazing update!!

During the Friday hangouts last week, I built a new layout for blog that is pretty cool. It does require that you have my Match Height stack though… I call it Quadrants: Home Copy | My Website