Is TotalCMS Blog Available?

(Varied Team Members) #1

Hello JW Team… Have been away from RW for a couple months and just getting back into things as I begin a new project for my company. Super excited to integrate TotalCMS into the site. I have TotalCMS v1.1.7 running on RW 6. Plan to upgrade to RW 7 in the next day or so.

Want to know if TotalCMS Blog is now available, and if so, is it an additional purchase or do I need to reinstall something as I don’t see it with the other Total CMS stacks?

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(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

There are ways to get it (see your PM I sent you). Joe will officially release it very soon, hopefully this week, but nothing promised.

(Varied Team Members) #3

Many thanks… :sunglasses: