TotalCMS Blog Post Date Change/Hack

(Paul Brown) #1


I’m working with TotalCMS to setup a simple news page. My client wants to change the post date to be in the past 9long before the site was created).

Is there a way of doing that? A hack or other idea?


(scott williams) #2

That’s interesting, I never noticed you couldn’t go backward in the year. You can change it in the post date field. You get the green check, but it doesn’t take.

Now, if you use the date picker it does save it, even to a previous year.

@joeworkman can you reproduce this?

Edit: It seems to be inconstant, sometimes it will work changing only the year by typing, sometimes the entire date. It always works using date picker. - at least for me.

(Joe Workman) #3

I notice that if you don’t type the date is the correct format it does not work all of the time. It does work 100% if you use the date picker.

(Joe Workman) #4

Tip: if you click on the name of the month, you get taken up to the Year picker. Click again to get to the decade picker.

(Paul Brown) #5


Sounds good - where will I find the date picker? Sorry - totally missed that!


(Joe Workman) #6

In the date field stack for blog. Click on the field and a date picker should show up automatically.

(Paul Brown) #7

Hi Joe

Not tried that before. Would that sit on Blog List setup in replacement of the Date section?


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