TotalCMS - calendar funky on new posts

I have a calendar (time) picker for new blog posts in TotalCMS. The edit form looks like this:


It shows in Safari like this:


The date format is incorrect and the calendar is wonky.

I have noticed some date picker anomalies with certain settings.

Did you actually use the date picker (with date field empty) to choose the date?

What happens if you set the date format to mm/dd/yyyy?

Maybe @joeworkman can chime in on this one

Stick with numbers for dates on the admin side. Your life will be better for it.

Got it. Works much better… Would be nice to have those letter options at some point :wink:

The letters are to make things look pretty and are great for the content side. Trying to get people to type in the letter dates in the exact format is an impossible task.

Ah, I understand now. Makes sense… I’m learning. Thanks

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