Trouble with Tribb. . .er, Videowall Stack

Hello gang!

I need some clarification. I am trying to use VideoWall to have a live stream on my website. However, the settings are driving me nuts. I have the API, the ID and the channel code. But still no joy. So sad.

Any help would be so much appreciated!!


Update. After finagling the settings a bit on Google cloud I got it working. It displays my YouTube videos now on the page. When I click on them they play. I was wondering now if something special has to be done to make it so that the live feed shows up or if it does it automatically when we go live. Anybody know?



If you preschedule a stream and add it to a playlist, that MAY work. It’s possible that YouTube does not give you this option. I have never tried getting a live stream into the Video Wall. It does show up after the stream is complete though.

Not to put you on the spot, but what would be a good suggestion of a way to do this? Is there a better stack I could use?


Did you try what I suggested? You place a live stream video ID into a static Youtube stack (mine or any others)?

I’m so sorry. I haven’t been at my computer all day and did not see that advice. :grimacing: I’ll try it on Saturday when I have a moment.

Thank you the advice!

I did do what you suggested. Also, I ran into a rather odd circumstance. First, I used Oembed that I just bought last week. It seems to support live stream inputs. I then decided to put a Video Wall stack under it to showcase our previous YouTube live streams. I could not get it to work! After much finagling and even moving it to another page to make sure I wasn’t getting some weird stack crosstalk, I got Video Wall to show my channel YouTube videos. However, there is odd behavior!

The YouTube Feed inside Video Wall HAS to be set to a max count of 25 and the API Cache HAS to be set to 1 min. If either of these are changed to another number, then it does NOT show any of my videos in the the slider. Very odd behavior. Was wondering if anybody else has this problem?

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