Turning a mouldy old logo into a shiny new vector version

Having been given the ‘artwork’ for a logo by a client (it was a cruddy low-res printed paper version) I’ve been looking into ways of creating a newer, flatter, cleaner version.

I believe this process is called vectorising.

Since I don’t own any Adobe products and I don’t think either Affinity or Graphic will do this I wondered if the team had a nifty app they’d recommend.

I’ve found both http://image-vectorizer.com and http://www.effectmatrix.com/mac-appstore/Super-Vectorizer.htm but would always take a recommendation from this forum.



You can only turn a “cruddy low-res printed paper version” logo into a slightly cruddier image that will look even more cruddy if enlarged.

My advice is to redo the logo into an SVG but without seeing it I can’t really say what to use to create it.

Sorry @webdeer I should have been clearer. The paper version was just an example.

Imagine instead that I’ve got a not very good, perhaps bevelled JPG that’s seen better days and would like to vectorise it. I’m after recommendations for a simple app that might help.


If the ing image is huge or more than 72dpi (or both) you may get away with it. Otherwise nothing will vectorise a low resolution image well enough IMO. They all claim they will but …

@robbeattie: I have both of those apps. I find Image Vectorizer to be the better app for developing web based SVG images. My major use of it has been to convert hand-drawn scanned images into SVGs. Works great for that. One big caveat: it will only do one color (could be black with white, or gray with white, or red with white: but one other color only besides white).

SuperVectorizer I believe does more than one color, but typically results in much bigger sized images. If you would like, personal message me and send along the JPG. I’ll do a quick convert to you so you see what things end up looking like. It could well be, as Gary mentions, that the result is less than satisfactory for your needs.

Affinity Designer will definitely read SVGs. I don’t know how hard it will be to tweak and edit, but it’s worth a try after conversion to SVG format.

Thanks @Mathew I might take you up on that but going forward I’m interested in finding a solution that allows me to do the occasional simple one of these for myself.



+1 for Vectoriser and Affinity Designer, there’s no real shortcut to getting a clean version, you have to do it manually

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There are online tracers.




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Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to experiment with an app and then try cleaning things up in either Graphic or Affinity.


@robbeattie I’d love to see your results :slight_smile: like a before/after…

If it’s not too complex I’d be happy to have a go for you, I have the softwares.

Thanks all but I’ve found an old-world solution to the issue - I’m getting a graphics person to do it!


Lol. Someone like me then :wink: