Two Buttons in the TopBar Drop Zone

I’m trying to add two social network buttons in the drop zone of Foundation TopBar Menu. I am using ButtonPlus2 for the buttons. So I have two ButtonPlus2 Stacks in the drop zone. However, the second button always appears below rather than alongside the first button. Site is very much in development but you can see want I mean here

I suspect I am misunderstanding how the drop zone works.

I would be very grateful if anyone had time to advise me over this.

try adding this css

.zone li {
    display: flex;
.zone li > * {

ButtonPlus2 has a setting for this. Just turn on Display Inline in the advanced settings. You can then add a little padding if required with the Layout settings at the top.


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Thanks Andrew. Can I just say I love your stacks. I also liked the ButtonPlus2 video on Vimeo. If you ever find yourself with time on your hands (!) similar videos for the other stacks would be brilliant.

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Thanks David. There are quite a few other videos now, I’ve been trying to do them for most of the new stacks for the last year or so.

Most of the new ones are now going on YouTube now as the editable closed captioning is better for users with hearing difficulties.

You can see them here and please feel free to subscribe (if I can get to 100 then I can get a nice pretty url for the channel) :


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