UIkit-3 + RapidSearch Promotion

Did you know that UIkit-3 has built-in search layouts, a dedicated Search stack and search engine?

And what’s better is that the search layouts on the navigation bar or the stand alone Search stack can work beautifully with a 3rd party search stack, like Stacks4Stacks RapidSeach.

So from today all new and current customers can take advantage of a 20% off discount on RapidSearch, using the coupon included on the UIkit packages.

I’ve mailed all current UIkit users with the coupon, if you’re using UIkit and didn’t received my email please send me a message: support@archetypon.net

Promotion is kindly offered by @willwood from Stacks4Stacks. Thanks Will :slight_smile:

Get RapidSearch here: https://stacks4stacks.com/rapidsearch/
Watch a video on Search and 3rd party search engines: https://uikitstacks.com/documentation/videos/


That’s great - but Will already has 40% off until the end of the month? But great news they work well together!

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Will is running a sales until the end of the month, that’s true: 🎉 Biggest Ever Stacks4Stacks & ThemeFlood Black Friday Event

And you could probably combine the sales discounts with the UIkit-3 promo code for RapidSearch.

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