UiKit Menu items set text right to left

Trying to get menu in uikit to list the menu items from right to left or centred. can’t seem to find an override that shoves everything to the left. Menu needs to reflect arabic for a client.

Cant seem to find the CSS tag in UiKit for this.
I did try sticking HTML in the site title that did not work must be a means to do this elegantly there always is.

I think only @Lucas can answer this one.

Use this CSS rule:

.uk-navbar-nav li > a { text-align: right }

Awesome works perfect I could not find the tag with espresso from maccrabbit not sure why

Not sure Espresso is to blame, I just figured it out by experience of course but I guess something like that must be in the main CSS file.

The issue is that the xray feature could not capture the drop down menu. It keeps popping up when you move the mouse

its just how things work. no big deal.

Anyways I got what I needed and its brilliant .

content is sensitive other wise I would share the link.

Scott Steven