New Project: ModalMenu for UIkit3

We are pleased to release ModalMenu. Not so much a project but the start of a new range of small “elements” that you can drop directly into your UIkit3 project and use.


Built using only the native UIkit3 stacks (Navbar, Nav, Off Canvas, Modal, etc.) Modal Menu gives you plenty of new and exciting menu layout and interaction options, which can be used “as-is” or mixed and match to produce something entirely unique.

  • Want a regular menu on a laptop? A full width “mega-menu” on tablet and a regular mobile menu on a smartphone? No problem. ModelMenu has that covered.
  • Want a “mega-menu” at desktop and tablet and mobile menu at mobile? Yep, got that covered too.
  • Full-width drop-down menu on all devices? No problem!
  • Colour or image background? Of course, that’s an option :slight_smile:

See The Demo

The download project comes with three layouts, and design options, either of these can be dropped into any UIkit3 project, and you’re good to go. Or, you can adapt and mix and match the various elements of all three to produce something to your exact requirements.

An excellent example of this is here, where different layout options are pulled together to produce a very versatile and easy to use menu on all devices.

Modalmenu launches at a special introductory price of only €3.

Get it here:!/uikit3-elements/modal-menu-6.html

See all our UIkit3 projects here: - uikitter Resources and Information.

Keep Kitting!


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