Updated to RW 6.2.4 (automatic update failed)

When I launched RW today I got a notice about RW 6.2.4 and selected the option to Download and Install the update. I received the prompt to Install and Relaunch. RW closed down but did not start up. I could not start RW 6.2.4 from Finder either, the file size was 9.2Mb.

I used the Link in an email to download the entire application and that seems to work.

Which version where you updating from?


Version 6.2.3 . . . . . . .

Thanks: I can’t reproduce the issue here but looking into it!

I’ve been having this issue since 6.0 (I believe there’s an old thread that I started somewhere…).

Happened every time I tried it, including today with 6.3.1. The file downloads, the old version is deleted, but the new version is never installed.

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same issue here too.

I don’t know if it’s related, but the built-in error reporting hasn’t been working for awhile either. It whirrs for a long time and then reports failure asking me to check for an internet connection (which is there for everything but the error reporter).

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Seems that the download server for DevMate (which is the service we use to serve up the downloads) is having issues. We’re investigating and raising the issue with them.