RapidWeaver 6.3.3? Every day an update? And…

Anybody thinks this is logical? And still no update at all…

Are these files placed in the Trash after every update, or are you manually finding and trashing them? We can’t reproduce this here, but investigating.



It says that it is downloading the update, asks to apply it (more or less, I can’t remember exactly), then closes RW and nothing happens, except the growing number of files DIRECTLY IN the trash. Each and every MISSED update means one file in the Trash.
But I think I have possibly discovered something. This happens when I try to apply the update opening only the RW6 software, not a sandwich.
If I open one sandwich, the update is applied. (So it seems: next time I will check with care.)

Which version of RW are you trying to update from?

602->603, obviously. And I did it. After 9 attempts…