RapidWeaver 6.3.3? Every day an update? And…

(Mario Biondi) #1

Anybody thinks this is logical? And still no update at all…

(Nik Fletcher) #2

Are these files placed in the Trash after every update, or are you manually finding and trashing them? We can’t reproduce this here, but investigating.



(Mario Biondi) #3

It says that it is downloading the update, asks to apply it (more or less, I can’t remember exactly), then closes RW and nothing happens, except the growing number of files DIRECTLY IN the trash. Each and every MISSED update means one file in the Trash.
But I think I have possibly discovered something. This happens when I try to apply the update opening only the RW6 software, not a sandwich.
If I open one sandwich, the update is applied. (So it seems: next time I will check with care.)

(Nik Fletcher) #4

Which version of RW are you trying to update from?

(Mario Biondi) #5

602->603, obviously. And I did it. After 9 attempts…