Upgrading from RW4 to RW8 - Content not publishing

Hi All,

I’m trying to upgrade from RW4 to RW8 and understand there is no suggested process for doing that. So, I simply cut/pasted the page content (mainly text, links and images) from the open RW4 to the “edit” pages of RW8. This seemed to go well and publish OK to my FTP account, but all I see is my logo.gif image splashed across the whole page of my web site. I see the same when I select the “eyeball” at the top of the RW8 screen. No actual content, except the logo, which is displayed in either the “eyeball” mode or web site. When I go to the “edit” tab in RW8, I see all my content OK. Not sure where to go from here… :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ken

Hi Ken, with RW6 the file format changed. To upgrade from older projects to RW6 there was a special update for RW5.4 (could read old files). So with RW5.4.1 (stil on my HD with High Sierra) you could open older files and translate them to newer file formats.
So ask RW support

Btw, you can download RW 5.4 here, as well as all versions:

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