Imprting legacy RW content

Hi. Been away a long time and have questions relative to that. I have some older sites that were created in RapidWeaver 5 or 6. I’m trying to get to that content. Will RapidWeaver 8 open those legacy files? It would be nice to have access to that material. I have a backup of the drive I was using which should contain whatever files RW would have created. Thanks for any guidance.

You can probably go through these steps to get them to open. The reality is that so much has changed especially since RW 5 that you probably would be better off just copying and pasting from the existing sites,

The important thing in upgrading is to get the addons (stacks, etc) current and copied across to the new RW8.

The old sites are probably so dated and at least the RW5 ones aren’t responsive. I’d probably start over with a new theme or framework.


Thanks. I have two sites that were never published so I can’t access the text that way… I am trying to get just the text content from those. Need to figure out how to import the material. Will start over as needed after that is dome. They don’t even need to look right. I’ll process the text outside of RW and start over as suggested.

You can get earlier versions of RW here (if you don’t have the original RW still on the Mac)

I don’t know if that would help, but if it was before 6 you have to make sure you get to the latest version of 5.4.1.
If you can get the files open in an early version I would probably just copy and paste the content from preview to a plain text document. The conversion process from RW5 is kind of tough.

Hmm, I will try that. I don’t think it will run on my Mini (Mojave) but I have an iMac around at the moment running Él Cap. Thanks; I’ll give it a try when I get back home.

I just tried RW 5.4.1 (demo mode, no addons) on Mojave and it opened Okay. I didn’t do much other than open a new project and add a page (styled text).

Thanks, all. It works! Now to find the appropriate legacy version of Stacks,

Older stacks versions can be found here:

Wow, thanks again- I wasn’t even able to find them on the Stacks webpage

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Just in case anyone else is looking, the link to the Plugin Archive is at the bottom of every page of the YourHead website.

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