Vertical alignment

Hello all,

I wonder whether it is possible to align rows (in multi-column stacks or block grid) vertically centered. I´m trying to have images vertically centered in a row but could not manage it. Maybe I’ve overseen something obvious…

Take a look at big white ducks vertigrum.

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Yes, Vertigrum should do the trick. Otherwise – especially when your site is not Foundation-based – you could try the Reflow stack from Doobox: or the Grid stack form DeFliGra:

Thank you very much! Vertigrum did the job :smiley:

Doesn’t Vertigum require Foundation and the Site Styles stack?

If not, how did you get it to work without Foundation?


There are still a handful of ‘Foundation-only’ ones and it looks like Vertigrum is on the list (you can find a sortable list here Most are Foundation-independent though. Sections Box, for example, has a vertical centre option (among a thousand other options) and would probably be a good option, @soltmann.