Probably the dumbest question in this forum

Hi all,

I must have had some sort of brain damage. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to center a block of text vertically. I am using a three column stack, the left and right columns contain images that are 350 pixels tall (and responsive). I want to add three lines of text to the center column, but I want the text to be centered vertically.
This certainly seems doable, and I must be some kind of idiot because I can’t see how to get this done.


When you edit a TEXT stack there should be some small icons at the bottom of the screen, I presume you have tried those ?

Hi Brit… those are only for left, center, and right (horizontal) justification. They don’t affect the vertical placement of the text in the available space.

This certainly seems like something that should be easy.

It isn’t that easy w/o custom CSS:

Thanks instacks. I hate to be a bother, but how would I incorporate that into my rapid weaver page? I know about the CSS window, would I somehow need to define the target of the CSS instruction to the specific Text stack?

@mabou2 try joes css stack.

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