Video as Hero - does size matter?

I have done images as hero but this will be my first time doing video as hero. Does video size matter when using it as hero? I assume format is more important than size correct? What format should I have it in?

The 1080 video is in mpeg4 and about 39MB or I can go to 720 and size will be 13MB however I am concern it would look too stretched out on big monitor.

You need to make it way smaller than that or your page will be super slow.

Compression is the answer, even a 1080p video should be able to be reduced to just a few MB in most cases.

There are a host of options for doing this from the free Handbrake app to uploading to Vimeo and then re-downloading your compressed file back again.

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The videos are already compressed by Vimeo.

Going to try shorten the length of video

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