Video optimize size?

I have an mp4video here

It can be slow to load because of its size. I dont want to make it shorter. But can I optimize it somehow?

Run it trough vimeo. Or upload to YouTube and embed the video. For that has great stacks as well.

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open it with Quicktime and see if you can export it in a smaller format.
Or try the free
You can play with the results until you are satisfied.

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@Figory It’s a 39meg file! I tried it in Miro and it only came down to 25 meg. I think you’re going to have re-think it if you want to use that video clip.

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Thanks ! Yes im stuck with the video the client really wants it there.

I have replaced the video with a still for iPhone and iPad.

I guess I should reduce it to 25meg. That may load a little faster


Yes I cant really use those because I dont want any control buttons or logos showing.

It works great with the impact stack, Its just so big.

Maybe I could divide it into 2 videos?

Then randomly show one of the two when the page is loaded.

Is there a way to show one of 2 randomly?

I think what @TapioMichael meant was to run it through Vimeo as their compression is really good, (most likely better than desktop apps as others have previously pointed out on the forum) and then download it from Vimeo resulting in a smaller file. But it is huge, and even 25 mgs is still huge. Most people here have recommended sizes under 5 or perhaps 10mgs for banner use.

Have you tried reducing the dimensions? I believe Impact will scale the video to fit the screen and with some experimentation you might find a file with smaller dimensions will still look quite good. You could use Handbrake or one of the other free video conversion apps.

Not sure about the value of having two files randomly displayed. Why not just shorten it - it is quite long - and use that. Most of the time people use a relatively short loop as it’s really just an intro for the site content, not a feature film.

Brilliant. Thanks for all this info. Yes I will shorten it. THANK YOU

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If you have a video screen capture program you can also physically resize the video on your screen to a smaller dimension, and recapture it using the capture program and then try and compress it again using one of the other programs… You could experiment so as not to not loose too much detail when displaying it again on the screen …
If you follow :wink:

Use Handbrake, a free program. You can reduce the size of your video in that program and keep all the content.
Another option is to convert the mp4 to webm, you will see dramatic file size reduction.

Try this free application.

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