Video upload to website

Any clues anybody ? I run a website and I upload an iMovie video to it. Sometimes it will upload complete with sound and at other times it is silent.

Ideally want to be able to upload it so the reader has the option of activating the video but of late it uploads and runs automatically as soon as somebody clicks on that webpage. That has been possible in the past but for some reason not now . Thanks

Hi Vernon,

Difficult for anyone to help without a link to the page and a few more details, like how you’ve added the video to the page, what format it is, etc.

probably easier to upload to Vimeo or Youtube and link from there?

Yes done that now thanks. I am using uube instead of pasting the video directly into the web site.

I still have the problem I reported earlier and that is in the edit mode and general in the side bar I can fill the browser title in but it does not appear in the preview mode. Also have the problem where the slogan has to be printed letter by letter because the cursor slips away after each letter is placed I can get around that by printing the slogan into pages and then using copy and dropping the slogan in to ‘general’ . Another little problem I have is that I do not have anything in the side bar of my website but RW still appears to make provision for it, even if it is not there with a result the the margin on the R/H side is too large , is there any way that I can equal out the page so the margin is roughly the same all the way around the page ? Thanks in advance

Do you have a URL to a page?

What theme are you using?

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