VIMEO stack: fullscreen button not working & "max quality" question

I am using Joe workman’s VIMEO stack.

  1. For some reason I am unable to get the full size button to work. It’s enabled on my ViMEO PRO account for each video. It does not show up through the stack. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. Now that VIMEO is no longer giving us the option of choosing between 720p and 1080p in the settings for each video, all my videos now default to 1080p playback. I had previously limited them to 720p but wanted to have a higher resolution online for future use.

I find 1080p playback through the VIMEO stack problematic (I encounter buffering issues).

Does anyone know how to limit the quality to 720p without re-encoding and re-uploading everything in 720p?. VIMEO says that option can simply be added to their embed code. But the VIMEO stack doesn’t allow for such additions. Am I missing something simple here?:

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Unfortunately Vimeo has really changed how it does things and it caught most people by surprise. I used to use TopBox by @willwood for light boxing Vimeo videos. Now I am moving towards embedding so I can control for the quality level. It’s not TopBox’s problem: Vimeo created the issue with the “adaptive streaming” solution. (BTW, to most folks using Vimeo this is now known as “adaptive screaming”.)

… so all Vimeo related stacks probably do not offer the option to add the 720 or 1080 additions to coding. I hope they do. I have the opposite problem: so videos showing at 360 when I want 720 or higher!

In short I know of no solution using any Vimeo stacks out there right now. Not for @joeworkman or @willwood or other developers. However, using the regular embed approach does work perfectly fine with the 720 or 1080 add on qualifier. More here if you haven’t seen it before:

Thanks for your suggestion. I looked into embedding and found this free (responsive) stack - SIMPLE VIDEOS

Looks like it accepts the VIMEO iFrames embed code (which allows you to limit playback quality).

I did a quick test and the full frame button does show up again. So that problem seems to be fixed too when you use the embed code. I can also lock playback to 720p.

But unfortunately, the SiMPLE VIDEOS - iFrame solution doesn’t work within @joeworkman 's EXPOSE stack.

I am back to square one.

I tried @joeworkman 's OFFSITE stack within EXPOSE, but even though I could get a VIMEO video to play, it’s extremely funky. Size of the pop-up player window was all over the place.

Too bad. Embedding VIMEO should be fairly simple and straightforward.

@joeworkman 's HTML5 VIDEO STACK is an option when you enter the VIMEO 720p direct link as the source. This way also works with EXPOSE.

The advantage is - no buffering since the video is being loaded. Playback is very smooth. There is also a fullscreen button.

The downside is - you can only play back the quality size you privided the link for. People with slower connections or one mobile devices might run into problems.

Funny I just saw this site built in RW

Never mind the stack its selling but I bet if you view the source code on the vimeo you might get a good idea either a stack he is using or how he framed it in.

Curious. What about the Vimeo Pro account do you use? I have a Plus account and have zero issues with fullscreen.

Have you looked at Wistia? I will be moving over to them for my new site. Wistia for videos embedded on my site and everything else on YouTube.

Thanks for getting in contact Joe.I also have a PLUS account and - just to test your theory - I embedded a video from that account into my site (through your EXPOSE stack) - same problem. No full screen button, even though it’s enabled in the VIMEO settings. I also can’t get the full screen button when I place the VIMEO Stack on the page directly.

I did take a look at Wistia. We’re just hosting our portfolio through VIMEO PRO. It’s not going to a lot of people. But we have quite a few videos. Wistia might be better, but it’s also a lot more expensive.

@scottsteven I took a look at he nickcatesdeisgn link that you posted. He seems to simply embed the iframe code. Straight embedding on a page works fine. That also works well with the SIMPLE VIDEO stack that I mentioned - including a full frame button and the ability to use VIMEO’s own embed code.

But the way my site is built, I have way too many videos to embed them all directly. I need the ability to play them back through something like EXPOSE. And that’s where the iFrame embedding stops working reliably.

Looks like I’ll be using @joeworkman 's HTLM5 Video stack and the direct links for the 720p videos. For now that seems to be my best option, until we’re able to set a maximum playback quality in the VIMEO stack directly.

I have had some battles with Vimeo since adaptive streaming was introduced and tried fixing the resolution by adding 720 to the video ID using Foundation’s stack for video. It does work but as pointed out above you are then forcing somebody on a mobile device with a small screen to download a huge file.

The other problem is that if I designate 720 or 1080 Vimeo “helpfully” throws up a little banner much of the time inviting people to choose a lower resolution if they experience problems, even when streaming fine.

Full screen was actually working correctly for me with adaptive streaming enabled but there was always a couple of seconds at the start where the video was soft until it realised the connection was fast enough to allow HD. The bigger problems occur when you try to display the video at a smaller size and ultimately I could never feel confident that Vimeo would display the video as intended. I was seeing HD resolution video displayed at lousy 240 quality with a 76mbps connection on a Mac Pro.

A few days ago I ran some tests and decided to opt for self-hosting using Joe’s HTML5 stack and that has really solved all my problems by not using Vimeo. They changed everything about 2 months after I signed up with no prior warning and it seems clear they are intent on continuing this way.

Vimeo and YouTube both started along the same road but have diverged slightly in recent years. YouTube is concentrating on ad-supported video content (with the option to pay for a red subscription and get adverts lifted). Vimeo are trying to keep their platform ad-free, but sell you more premium content from independent film makers or pipe better quality video to you via smart TVs and other devices.

Unfortunately the route Vimeo have taken means there is less incentive for them to promote sharing and website embeds. Vimeo would much rather that you go to their website and pay to watch content. Therefore the options available for website owners to embed Vimeo content are reduced. Vimeo plus / pro accounts are terribly expensive here in the UK, for basic features YouTube already give you for free.

I’ve noticed many fewer RapidWeaver users have Vimeo content on their websites. YouTube and HTML5 video seems to be the prevailing methods to use for video. But I think there always will still be a small demand to get Vimeo into RapidWeaver and it’s still something I’m still considering adding to the free Embed stack.

We are getting much different results. If you look at this page… you will see that the video does indeed have a full screen button. I have a Plus account.

Here are the video settings on Vimeo:

Here are the stack settings:

EDIT: I’m having some publishing issues with RW7 at the moment. The video is not online. However, it does indeed show the fullscreen button within RapidWeaver preview.

The Fullscreen button does work. There was a little mix-up on my end. Sorry for the confusion.

Now the last remaining question is - in a future version of the VIMEO stack, would it theoretically be possible to somehow integrate the “quality=720p” command from VIMEO’s embed code?