Vimeo vs. YouTube Embedded Videos

How do I improve the quality of Vimeo videos? My YouTube videos look fine, but my Vimeo videos are low rez.

Vimeo has a setting in your video settings to 'Use HD in embedded videos"

Thanks @DaveFox. I’ll give that a try.

@bruce and @DaveFox, what’s the difference between the two services (in your opinion)?

I am trying to divide which format to go with for our GoPro recorded rides and outings but haven’t made a firm commitment to either yet,


That’s a difficult one to answer, they each have benefits over the other. YouTube is more well known and it’s free to use with a huge audience, it can also be ‘monetised’. With Vimeo you really need to have at least a Vimeo Plus paid account (£50 UKP per year), playback quality seems better than Youtube and you can set password only access, with a Vimeo Pro account (£159 UKP per year) you can have pay per view.

YouTube tends to default video playback to 480px even with HD uploads, it can be made to playback HD automatically when embedded on websites but they keep changing the embed code! Many users also don’t know how to make it play HD from a browser (the tiny cog icon) and I have to explain it. Vimeo can be defaulted to HD playback providing HD videos are uploaded. For most stuff I produce I’ll put it on both, see which plays best then embed that one. There’s probably many other pro’s and con’s but you can start with YT for free and add Vimeo later if you feel it would suit you better.

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Thank you for your feedback @DaveFox, Really appreciate the insight.

Thanks again

I see you mention recording rides. A big issue with either YouTube or Vimeo is that recordings that have a lot of detail with you moving thru them quickly tend to look blurry or pixelated. It has to do with the low streaming rate they encode and playback the videos at. Self hosting on your server or something like google drive or Amazon s3 will be much clearer but you will lose the stars and audience you get from YouTube or Vimeo.

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@bikeman, thanks man, I’m not interested in likes or attracting new audience (audience maybe), I just want to make sure our Local HOG® Chapter members can see the video’s. As our site is hosted by the dealer, I have limited space so can’t self host the video’s. The Club has a Google presence so will check that out. s3 not an option they are willing to pay for so only looking at free solutions right now.

To be honest I am not even close to that yet, my goal is to launch the new site on Jan 1, 2016 but I still have a lot of work to do lol.

Thanks for the tips.

Small world. I have been the editor and webmaster for our local H.O.G. Chapter for approximately 6 years. Just removing myself and training replacements as I moved last year.

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@bikeman, cool! It truly is a small world, glad to make your acquaintance! :v: