Waterfall Compatible Themes

There are now 140+ RapidWeaver themes which are Waterfall compatible.

September 28th, 2015 - I’m very happy to announce that the latest versions of all 26 themes from YuzoolThemes are now Waterfall compatible.

Additionally, I just noticed that Gary of Kuler Solutions tweeted that all themes created in 2015 and going forward are Waterfall compatible.

###What is Waterfall?

Waterfall is a theme updating and backup tool, which allows you to easily see what version of a theme you have, if there is an update available for it, and then automatically download and install that update directly inside RapidWeaver.

Before installing an update, Waterfall makes a backup of your existing theme, so that you can always go back to a previous version if need be.

###What themes are Waterfall Compatible?

All themes from the following developers, unless otherwise noted:

  • ThemeFlood

  • Henk Vrieselaar

  • WeaverThemes

  • Yabdab (Bootsnap)

  • Archetypon

  • 1LittleDesigner

  • Joe Workman (Foundation)

  • YuzoolThemes

  • Kuler Solutions (Placid & Inceptive)

  • seyDesign

  • NimbleHost


Great to be onboard @nimblehost and this is a great plugin. All themes going forward will also of course be Waterfall compatible

Keep up the great work!

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Hiya thanks for the heads up of the developers who are Waterfall compatible.

however have i found a BUG ?, I notice that the 5 new themes that are bundled with RW6, are not shown in Waterfall !, despite 2 of the 5 new theme developers are in the list above !!


Hey Tim, it mentions somewhere in Waterfall that duplicated/renamed themes and themes that come bundled with RapidWeaver will not show up. Not on a computer that has Waterfall right now, but they are not supported by Waterfall.

OK @zeebe thanks for that, dam i really thought i had found a Bug, trying to keep you chaps on your toes LOL


@timmytoad We do plan on adding support in Waterfall to update duplicated themes (ones you copy from within RapidWeaver). :smile: The built-in themes, however, are located separately on your Mac and don’t have the required bits needed for Waterfall to check for updates to them.

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Thanks @nimblehost very good :relaxed: