Waterfall: Henk Vrieselaar Rainbow Theme not updating?

Wondering if anyone has had a problem updating using Waterfall?

I have v 1.3.4 and it says 1.3.5 is available, I install update, it confirms updated, but then on relaunching Rapidweaver, I find the previous red alert to update. Frustrating!



I’m having a strange problem with another Henk’s theme, TABS. An update 1.4 is reported but when I click install, download doesn’t progress at all. I believe such version doesn’t even exist yet and 1.3.1 is the latest. I have Rainbow too but have the latest update (1.3.5) from before. I suspect there is some problem with Henk’s updates in general.

I’ve emailed Henk to ask him about it - because I can’t see how to update my theme to the latest version without Waterfall.

I’ll update this thread when I hear.


Sorry for the late reply. I’m not at home now, but I’ll answer this question about Rainbow and Tabs tomorrow.

@henkvrieselaar we love our RW developers and understand they have commitments and priorites like us too, no worries!


@goodmanco & @ikemitsu

Have you gone to Henk’s website and tried to download the update manually or from your email receipt link?

Something to try before Henk gets home and checks the update server for issues…


Waterfall shows the latest update (Rainbow: 1.3.5 and Tabs 1.4.0) here:

I’ll send you the latest files.