Way to find out which add-ins are not used or obsolete

I have a couple dozen projects I’ve done in the last 9 years worth of updates and upgrades.

Is there a way to scan RW to see which are old and no longer in use, to get rid of them?

Or a way to tell RW to look for outdated ones that might be problems?

I think I would do it the lazy way:
I would just uninstall everything. When you discover you need it – reinstall.

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That is not really the easy way, as I don’t have all logins and licenses in one organized fashion, and would have to go through page by page (more than 1000 pages) to see what stops working.

Others can verify, but I believe RW will inform you of any missing add-ons when a project is opened. Thus, RW would inform you… you wouldn’t need find out yourself.

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