Web fonts not displayed in MS Edge etc

I have used the web font Socialico on my latest project (as built into Michael David’s Illuminate theme) but the social icons called upon apparently do not display on the latest MS browsers, just the reference letter used to call up the ison (f=Facebook etc). From what I can tell it may be a default security setting in these browsers (i.e. not to displlay web fonts), but most users will not know this of course and will not want to change this anyway. Does anyone know a way around this? No response from the theme developer yet.

Much appreciated.

Is your browser using a content blocker? These can prevent the downloading of the web font files.

Hi Brandon. Thanks for the reply. Not sure why these later MS browsers block the fonts, but it seems likely there is an over-fussy security setting at the bottom of it, and this seems to be the default setting.

However, I have now had some help from Michael David, the Theme developer, who suggested un-checking the Consolidate CSS Files setting in the Advanced options, and this has actually solved the problem. Must be linked to where the browser finds the CSS. Anyway, I can now relax about it!

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