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Hello all,

I have problem with this web I set Trump Gothic pro web font from adobe typekit, but Safari (.Mac and iPhone) and android mobile browser shows totally different font - maybe helvetica. If i go to this website from Google browser it shows web rightly with Trump Gothic Pro font and it works… Has Anyone know, where is the problem?

Thank you.

I’m afraid I have no idea what the problem is. No sign of Trump Gothic in Firefox or Chrome for Mac, or Firefox for Linux. Also, I note that most of the animations don’t work in Safari. Also, Safari complains that the page is using a lot of energy (the animations?).

How did you set the font? Foundry Typeface Stack?
It looks like that the Typekit Config loads Montserat, but even this is not used.

Hi, i have 2 fonts i used. Montserrat and trump gothic. Montserrat is ok and displays on safari. Trump not. I set foundry typeface stack as always i did in past working projects. I don’t know where is the problem. Preview in rapidweaver shows trump gothic, but if i export it to our FTP server, Trump is not displays…

Out of interest, do you have Trump Gothic locally in your system installed? If so, it’s likely that the Browser uses your local font from the System.

Hi Vaclav,

If you are using Foundry’s Typeface Stack, it would be a good idea to use the Google fonts (Trump Gothic and Montserrat) and let Adobe’s Typekit for what it is. Fonts can be tricky and often cause problems for they have specific numbers (in your local system).


Guys, i cant solve this problem with trump gothic. So i get Bebas Neue font for my web. Thank you all

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