Webdeersign Project7 now available for Foundry

Project7 for Foundry is now available now from RapidWeaver SOURCE Projects Foundation Templates Foundry Templates

P7 includes straight Foundry versions of the 3 main pages found in the original Foundation SectionsPro P7 version. However, it also includes a 4th page which is 100% Foundry. The original idea was to see how far the Project could be built, using nothing except the standard Foundry stacks, and it became apparent that a 100% Foundry version was possible. Everything you need to build the Demo4 page is includes in Foundry. See the demo page at Webdeersign RapidProject 7 Foundry .

The project is a front end that matches the style and layout of the 2 most popular professional photographer photo systems - PixieSet & ShootProof. It provides links into either of those systems, that clients will find seamless. However, the amazing thing is that PixieSet allows up to 1500 images in the free version and you will not find a more elegant CMS Gallery, shopping cart, email campaign, solution anywhere. It is not possible to build such a total solution in RW, yet you can use PixieSet for free for up to 1500 images.

Graphic artists who want to exhibit or sell printed media can also use this solution.

Whether you use the photo system or not, Project 7 shows how to create some sophisticated layouts that can be challenging to design yet easy to use once you see them in the Project file.

If you already have P7 and use Foundry, just login to your Paddle Account and download the new version.