RapidProject7 released for Professional Photography web sites

Webdeersign Professional Photography Project7 is available now.

P7 is a ready to deploy web site that acts as an integrated single page design front end to the incredible Shootproof or Pixieset professional photography online systems. Shoot proof & Pixieset are the most elegant, complete and easy to use photo and visual art systems today, and best of all is that it they both have a free version - Shootproof up to 100, Pixieset up to 1500 photographs. They both have many low cost monthly plans if you need more photos or other features Both solution offer simply the most elegant gallery and light box solution that remains well behaved on all screens.

Administrators can log into the beautiful interface and create galleries, load images, add watermarks, etc., and there are desktop tools, Apps and plug-ins available. Client galleries can be setup with individual passwords, settings, styles and prices with commissions. E.g. There is also a full photo shopping cart with multiple option that is fulfilled by Shootproof’s in-country photo print lab.

To build such good looking photo gallery with such a sophisticated shopping cart and full CMS is not possible using RapidWeaver stacks. To get something approaching what Shootproof or Pixieset can do would take a great deal of time to build and debug as well as considerable investment in additional stacks.

P7 is ideal for any serious lab fulfilled photographers who want the best Gallery and Lightbox possible, but also be able to take advantage of the easy way to organise and load photos. P7 is ideal for professional photographers because via Shootproof or Pixieset, it allows the minimum of effort to maintain and use day to day, yet will scale with their business instead of reaching a limit requiring a site rewrite. Photographers who self fulfil their orders can use the solution as an online light box where customers can select their photos and mark them as favourites.

P7 uses Impact to create a stunning highly visible photo animation, but if you don’t have or want to use Impact, a second non-Impact version is also included. The design of P7 recreates the Shootproof/Pixieset web design, look and feel and a client would be hard pressed to be able to tell the difference. It scales perfectly and works across all devices.

As always the Paddy stacks suite is included, with extensive documentation and all web images are included in Foundation sizes and already optimised. Requires RapidWeaver with Stacks3 and JW’s Foundation stacks and the very best free “donationware” stacks. Also requires Shootproof or Pixieset free account.

Available now for only $20

Demo at Webdeersign RapidProject 7
Full details at RapidWeaver SOURCE Projects Foundation Templates Foundry Templates

Edit 19 Jan 2017 to add in the new page setup to use Pixieset.


Interesting. I do like the design but I have a lot more than just galleries on my website. So you link directly to Shootproof?

I went with Pixieset instead of Shootproof because 1500 photos would not cut it for me and I decided to self-fulfill everything using Rapidcart Pro on my actual website. Also, Shootproof limits the # of photos and Pixieset limits GB instead, so I can get more photos at a smaller size.

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I think Shootproof has 4 or 5 tiers of plans and there is no limit on number of photos or GB in the top tier. Yes I link to Shootproof but the design mimics the Shootproof layout and design.

However, Project7 could equally work with Pixieset to Shootproof or any of the other interesting similar systems. The free Pixieset offers AFAIK, up to 1500 photos! The good ones are incredibly slick.

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Yes, free Pixieset is 1500 photos, but charges commission on sales. I use the 2nd/basic tier of 5000 photos, which has no commission. I compared a bunch of sites last year after leaving Zenfolio (which is super clunky and has yet to get on the app bandwagon) and don’t remember the reasons why I chose Pixieset but that I did :slight_smile: Will revisit next year when my membership runs out.

@LSPhoto Hi Lisa, I had a good look at Pixieset and it is almost a carbon copy of how Shootproof looks, behaves and is setup. As a test, I setup a Pixieset site, copied my demo images into the same named galleries, and then changed the links in my demo. This all took about 30 minutes to do and most would not be able to tell which is which.

Here is the demo using Pixielot - http://webdeersign.com/pr7demo1/demo3/
Original using Shootproof - http://webdeersign.com/pr7demo1

This is actually pretty amazing because now users can load up to 1500 images for free using Pixieset instead of Shootproof in Project7. I will add this into the demo shortly.


Project7 is now updated with an extra page setup to use Pixieset.

Customers can download the latest version by logging into their Paddle account and downloading the new version.

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Wow. You ran with that one! I’ll have to take a closer look.

When I looked closer at Pixieset it became apparent from a users point if view, that it and Shootproof are almost the same visually and the way they operate. I expect they have converged as products into something similar. As always with these types of online service, you don’t really get to understand them until you start using them. Fortunately both Shootproof and Pixieset are a joy to work with.

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Is there an advantage (or possibility) of adding this to my website as it stands now? or is it more of a standalone thing?
www.LisaSandlerPhotography.com. I’m trying to figure this out and see if there’s a reason I should or need to use it.

thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

Project7, like all of my projects is really 2 things:

  1. A stand alone web site ready to go
  2. Just a set of RapidWeaver pages that you can add to your RapidWeaver project or cherry pick the pages or bits or ideas that you want. You could for example, use Project 7 as the gateway to your galleries and client area with the way it is setup.

If you are looking to get a slick photography site up and running quickly, that is already integrated with Photoshoot or Pixieset, then you will spend quite a bit of time doing this from scratch. I can say I have had a fantastic reaction from other professional photographers who are all keen to move away from their current online system.

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Just make sure you check the prerequisites for this and all projects.

Requires RapidWeaver with Stacks3 and JW’s Foundation stacks and the very best free “donationware” stacks. Also requires Shootproof or Pixieset free account.

I have a full website already and I can easily add a link or offsite page to my Pixieset account, though I’ve had no need to so far, as my clients log in directly from an email sent to them from Pixieset.

This only works with also purchasing Foundation? I don’t use it.

I guess I’m not seeing a specific advantage for me, personally, to use it if I already have a full website. That’s why I asked for reasons that it might be specifically useful to me.

Thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa, yes do need Foundation to allow the navigation linking directly into the Pixieset system that makes it look integrated. You also need Foundation to match the styling and responsive behaviour of Pixieset.

Nice review of Project7 by the RapidWeaver Ninja himself at http://rapidweaver.ninja/news/?post_id=260

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