Webshop with HUNTER 3

Hello all,

I’m a new user of RW, since this weekend hihi.
Bought the software, stacks 3 and several stacks. I want to make a website for my own, think about filling that with information about implementation and change management. And sometimes writing articles for a publisher.
It’s a wish to make a webshop, using RW and stacks. Is here someone who has experience with keeping a webshop. Maybe without iDeal, because iDeal will costs a lot for a small webshop. Maybe, but think all webshops do, some stock management too. Is HUNTER 3 (Doobox software) usable for this purposes.

Thanks guys, and of course ladies :slightly_smiling:
Have a wonderful day.

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That doesn’t have a ‘store option for purchases’, but you certainly could use it with RapidCart Pro (Advanced) by ForeGround Software (because RapidCart pro comes with stacks that allow you to add purchase buttons in each Hunter area).

I haven’t purchased/used Hunter yet, but have RapidCart Pro and love it. It has several payment methods, shipping methods, stock management, quantity discounts, coupons, etc…

Others may suggest other cart systems, but for what you describe, I think RapidCart Pro (Advanced) is the best solution with Hunter.

Have fun and welcome to the community.


Thanks for your quick reply Brad, will have a look :slightly_smiling: