Webshop.stack or Vibracard Pro

Does anyone here uses Webshop.stack with RWC?
Would appreciate to hear about your experience and
to hear how steep the learning curve is for someone attempting to build a webshop for the first time?
Same goes for VibraCard Pro, please share your experience .
Thanks in advance

Interesting they support stacks and elements while elements has not even be released in Beta yet. That said it looks fairly straight forwards

This post is quite similar to Still in need of advice for e-commerce solution which was posted a few months ago.

Might be a good idea to contact the developer of each and see if they can give you a demo, or a free trial even so you can give them a test run to see which one might work for you?

You are right @dang , it comes close to my previous post. The difference is that now I am really looking forward to read personal experiences from RWC users.
Especially customer support.
The idea to contact the developer of each and see if they can give me a demo, or a free trial is a good one.
Although I find it quite difficult to ask if such option is not offered by them.
And VibraCard Pro is not even to be found at the RW Marketplace.
It would be great to hear from more users first.

Hi @Karmela_Faktor,

Of the two, I only have experience with VibraCart Pro and its developer. I’ve not used Webshop.stack (yet) so I can’t comment on it or its developer, although the developer seems like a trustworthy party when I talk to them here on this forum.

VibraCart Pro takes a bit of work to set up, but it’s pretty straight forward to do so. Simply follow the steps in the manual closely. The developer (Vibralogix) is very hands-on, meaning that they will do a lot to help you out if you have a question or run into a problem.


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@Karmela_Faktor The developer of SiteLok and Vibracart is excellent! I’ve only used SiteLok but @vibralogix 's Adrian is incredibly thorough and helpful with customers.

The https://www.vibralogix.com site is not listed (as you noted) at the marketplace . … yet many folks use Sitelok and Vibracart Pro. Why aren’t they listed? Honestly I don’t know, but my guess is the marketplace only lists products that only work with RapidWeaver. In fact, vibralogix’s products work with virtually any web design product.

You can read more, and see some Vibracart demos here:

BTW, all the Vibralogix page’s are made with RapidWeaver so you’ll know it integrates well.

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my next company site is going to be on sitelok, My issue is this is going to be a side project and with running 3 large projects and wrapping up my MBA its called time is holding me back.

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Thank you @Heroic_Nonsense Erwin and thank you @Mathew , thank you @scottsteven
It is a difficult decision to make. Timewise I am trying to avoid the situation in which I have to learn how to use both before deciding.
It surprises me that nobody is giving feedback about the Webshop.stack.
There are no web reviews yet either.
You may laugh but I even asked ChatGPT for advice on which one to choose.
AI says VibraCard Pro is sleeker and better looking, but it may be more niche, focusing primarily on digital business cards rather than comprehensive e-commerce solutions.
Webshop.stack lacks design samples but provides robust e-commerce functionality, for comprehensive e-commerce solutions. The con is - it may have a steeper learning curve compared to more straightforward plugins, especially if the user is new to e-commerce.
How comprehensive an e-commerce solution do I actually need for 50-100 artworks?
Design is important to me, I would like to see some design options and samples besides the one on the Webshop.stack developer’s website.
Still undecided.
Thanks again.