Website displays Page numbers not URL

I believe I have tried everything to get my webpages to display the URL rather than the Page number. I know the settings are to be found on the General settings page and mine are set as follows (Browser Title) Test Folder (/test.html) ( I have also tried test, test html and a few other variations) Filename (index.php) Encoding (Unicode (UTF-8)). When I preview with Firefox it shows the URL but when I go to the website with Firefox it does not. I have cleared caches etc. I have tried every variation I can think of. If I follow the prompt and make / the folder name I am given a warning to change the filename. It is all very confusing. Is there anything else I should do?
I have found a couple of instructions but am still not there.
OK so the obvious is that the changes I make are not being uploaded. That may be an issue but I would still like please a clear explanation of what should be entered in those General Page settings.

A link to your website will help us help you.

Might be better to give a screenshot of the page settings in addition to a URL.
The folder name shouldn’t end with .html It also probably shouldn’t start with a slash /.

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