Website like this in RW?

Good afternoon,

Love this website for a school near me in Metro Detroit, Michigan:

I deal with older people on some of my websites and I love this look as well as the simplicity of things being right in the open to find.

I’m assuming this is a Foundation/Foundry/UIKit, etc. type of project to acheive this in RW not in a theme.

Your thoughts.



Hi, yes I would use a framework like Foundry and the stacks from @tav BigWhiteDuck.

Yup, it can be done Foundation/Foundry/UI Kit or any of the other ones. I would agree @Fuellemann that your best bet would be with Big White Duck stacks, specifically Sections Pro. Possibly some of his other stacks as well. They are free, but donations are accepted.

Good luck with your site!

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20mins, 10% Foundation, 90% BigWhiteDuck SectionsPro



Thanks for taking the time and energy to review my request and provide suggestions and examples, your recommendations were very helpful and time saving.



Always consider who’s going to your sites and what devices they’ll be using. Something like this (and what @PaulRussam designed - he’s a web-magician, btw - looks sweet on Desktop or iPad-sized devices. Atrocious on phones, though.

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