Which theme would be the best for it?

Dear RapidWeaver community,

I have a new assignment: I should do a website like this one: http://toni-mahfud.com

With which stacks and themes would this be possible? When possible not with much coding…

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I would look at UiKit and or Foundation then I think your well on your way. If your really want something fast you may want to look at @nickcates themes as well

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Thank you very much for your fast response. Do you know a theme what can exactly do like on http://toni-mahfud.com ?

Exactly like that site? Yes, the theme that was use to actually make it:

Wordpress site/Wordpress theme…

This can easily be done with Foundation(or any blank slate theme) and Impact

You could also achieve something similar with Flood or Solstice from http://www.themeflood.com - or maybe even the free Panoramic theme from the same place. But like @kryten says, if you want something that behaves in exactly the same way you’ll need to use WordPress.


So it’s not possible to do a website like this with RapidWeaver?

I’m not sure how this should work. The nice menu on the top and on the bottom, the slowly transitions between the sites. I think that wouldn’t work. But thanks for your try to help me.

Actually, you can do this, but you would also need Screens stack by Joe as well. I am almost down making that site with those tools

I actually have something very similar to this in the works due for release in about 2 weeks. This is a very popular Wordpress theme but the standard RW can’t do this and there is no RW theme that can do this. There a lot of subtle issues with these designs. Suggest signing up to my newsletter at www.webdeersign.com if you’re interested.

But your website is done with foundation?

This with not use Foundation!

@worxeasy OK, so here it is.
Site is made with Foundation Theme/Stacks, Screens Stacks and the Target stack (to get the bottom content).

The ONLY things I can not do that the site you like does, is the navigation does not change color, that is the reason why I added some background color on the navigation, as it would be hard to read without it. The other thing I could not get to work, is the arrow on top and bottom, but I have them on the sides.

This has been done for over an hour and a half, but I was having publishing issues, so I had to remake it with RapidWeaver 6. Is it the EXACT site? No. Does it work like that site?? YES!


Very cool zeebe! I really like the way it looks. It is also nice that it loads so fast. The original site takes about 30 seconds to load for some reason. I get a blinking ball for a really long time.

I much prefer the way your knockoff loads. It captures the spirit of it great.

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Thank you very very much! You helped me. :grin: