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(Anugyan) #1

Is there a place where sites are showcased? A friend wants to see what is possible with RW, and I would like to show her some of the beautiful sites made with RW:

(Neil Egginton) #2

There’s a gallery here

(Anugyan) #3

Thanx Neil

(Will Woodgate) #4

Be careful - not all the sites listed on the RW community gallery website are actually built with RW. They might have been once upon a time, but there are definitely a fair few Wordpress, SquareSpace and Wix sites now mixed into that gallery.

You would be wise to check the source code of the showcased websites, before copying any of those links onto your client. Look for the…

<meta name="generator" content="RapidWeaver">

…meta tag or lists of the stacks used in the source code, to be certain that the website was built with RapidWeaver. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Anugyan) #5

Yes, I noticed a couple too.

(Paul Dennison) #6

A good source here

(system) #7

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