Submit your site to the Made With RapidWeaver Gallery


@ben has just released an huge update to the RapidWeaver Community site… It now has a “Built with RapidWeaver” gallery section!

We’d love for you all to submit your RapidWeaver built site for inclusion in the Gallery.

Happy Weaving!



Couple of points,
The login isn’t working in Firefox (at least for me), I get blank email and password fields.
The list of stacks is very limited I haven’t been able to submit 3 sites as they use NCD’s SuperFlex and BigWhiteDuck Stacks.

The forms list everything that’s on the community site, you should let NCD and BigWhiteDuck know…

So you have to list 3 stacks, it seems to not work if you leave that blank??
Sorry, my info was wrong.

I was able to submit mine with 2 addons listed. I did not try to submit without any listed… Would you want it to be blank?

Could an admin check that my site submission went through please (
As the first time I tried it the site said that the ‘Request was too large’, so I guessed that was the image file size. So I made the file smaller. Next time it just said that ‘something had gone wrong’, so I tried it a third time and it said the URL was already submitted.

btw the theme that comes with RapidWeaver called ‘Split’ is not listed in the drop down menu.

I’ve tried multiple times to submit a site, but the stacks I want to mention are not listed. When I type the names in manually they are automatically cleared from the entry field. Each time I try to submit, it says “something has gone wrong”. Can you allow wildcard stacks that have not paid to be listed on the community site, please? The current list is far from inclusive.

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The submission came through, but without the image.

Could you email me the original image so I can debug the issue? My email is ben at realmac software • com


the stacks I want to mention are not listed

You can only add stacks that are listed on the Community site because we link to them in the gallery listings. If the stacks you’re using aren’t listed you could ask the developer to add them to the site :smile:

Each time I try to submit, it says “something has gone wrong”.

Could you email me the details (including the image) of the site you were trying to submit? ben at realmac software • com

Can you allow wildcard stacks that have not paid to be listed on the community site, please? The current list is far from inclusive.

All developers can list their addons on the RapidWeaver Community for free, there’s absolutely no charge for listing addons on the site.

As I said above, we link to the addons used on the submitted site, but if the addon isn’t listed we obviously have no information about that addon and can therefor not link to it.

If there’s an addon that isn’t listed you should hassle the developer to do so!

The login isn’t working in Firefox (at least for me), I get blank email and password fields.

@PaulRussam I’m looking in to the FireFox issue, for now you can login using any other browser. I’d recommend using Safari :smile:

Hi Ben, thanks for listing my site for “naturheilpraxis stötzer”. Didn’t you like the first site I did send you ( or was some info missing…?

We’re not approving every site that gets submitted. This is a showcase for RapidWeaver, so we’re being selective in what we list.

Ok, I’ve just emailed you the screenshot.

What are the criteria for inclusion Ben? Thanks

@robbeattie A site that’s responsive, modern, and looks good!

Wait. WHAT?! It has to be responsive? This isn’t April 1st, is it?

Responsive design is great, but it’s not a silver bullet. When a designer sets it as the goal of a website without understanding the broader goals, it becomes a problem. The ultimate goal of a website should be happy users - which will lead to more conversions, whatever the conversion might be (e.g., spread the word, provide information, making a sale, etc.). Because mobile users generally have a different agenda to desktop users and are looking for quick information, building a responsive site is not always the best way forward.

By restricting your selections to responsive-only, you are failing to showcase awesome sites built for a mobile device. Take my site for the City of Suwanee, for example. They have a great desktop site - well over 200 pages of information that someone on a desktop might be looking for. Someone on a mobile device, however, has a far different agenda. Please pull it up on your desktop AND on your mobile device - and then explain why the mobile version, built with the Phelix theme in Rapidweaver, shouldn’t be on your showcase. Likewise with my medical imaging sites - our surveys have shown that users have a far different agenda - those on mobile phones are looking for services offered, hours of operation, and easy to find phone numbers and addresses, while desktop users are looking for more detailed information. As a result, we’ve built parallel sites (FreeStack for desktop and Phelix for mobile). Visit South Carolina Diagnostic Imaging to compare. In my humble opinion, both belong in your showcase.

All that said, I do believe responsive web design has a place - and I’ve built many such sites. But, should every site be responsive? Absolutely not. Even Google, who now penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, has firmly stated that they don’t care if a site is responsive or not…so long as the site looks and acts great on mobile (i.e., having a second site at ‘m’ is perfectly fine with them).

I’m very happy to consider myself a situational designer.


@dave These are generally guidelines. If we think a site is a really great example of what you can do in RapidWeaver we’ll add it. Otherwise we won’t.


I agree with Dave completely about static vs. responsive in the real working world.
I have more static websites that are nicely designed and extremely functional thanks to Rapidweaver.
Most of my industrial clients simply do not like the responsive versions of their site on smart phones. If I can’t convince them then I’m choosing from older theme designs which is become limited.
All of their clients work from their desk for product information and PFD downloads. For them products need to be shown in a specific order with specific numbering. Responsive themes rearrange those elements to fit the device.
A small version of their site on a smart phone is fine with them, zooming in to tap the menu is easier for them than figuring out the proper order of their product line or why a non-responsive slider stack which handle their needs does not fit properly on a phone.
If theme developers would consider a non-responsive version of their responsive themes my credit card would be used more that it is now. That extra cost means nothing to my clients, what they like and want is the real issue.
I fear static theme design is fading fast and that’s a sad thing.

I can’t imagine building a site without pluskit. Also given you requested stacks I figured I’d be able to submit cartloom as a plugin.
No worries, though, I’ve submitted my anyway

I was going to submit some of my sites but the gallery doesn’t seem to be very well thought out. For a start, some of my sites are simply not designed to be as large as the minimum width and height specified. In the case of single-page sites, showing only one section will not create a large enough image to be accepted and including several will show the page in a way in which it was never intended to be seen. Also, the dropdown list of addons lacks many of the stacks I use and there is no way to add them manually. This is grossly unfair to the creators of those stacks.