What do the 4 choices in Layout mean?

(John Phillips) #1

Hi Folks

Learning RW7. I notice lots of components have a layout arrow with fill, flexible, fit and fixed. Can someone point me towards a deeper understanding of these 4 (well I get fixed…)??



(Greg Schneck) #2

here is a bit of into Fill mode and align

My advice… if you don’t have Stacks 3 get it now! Learn about making responsive sites as well as the terms in your question. Get some free stacks to learn with and have a good understanding of “responsive” (as well as what you ask about) before you get too seriously into making production pages…

There are many good 3rd party people that offer free stacks as well as paid ones. As you learn be sure to check your work on mobile devices (phones especially). That is very important.

(John Phillips) #3

Thanks for the reply. I copied the info from the earlier email thread and will study it. I do have stacks 3 and foundry.