Version #8 of rapid weaver

I have used a four width column. but when I preview they just show up in a scroll down format. I have not published yet as I am having to rebuild the web page. It imported an earlier version of the webpage and I cannot find the current #7 version. also, have had to buy upgraded for stacks and plugins. Cost me $40 bucks and I don’t have all of the ones I had earlier. any help here. particularly
on the four width column issue

Sorry, not enough info to begin.
For instance, what theme are you using?
Why did you upgrade, you should still, hopefully, have all your plugins and stacks somewhere.


Not sure all what you are talking about here.

What 4 column stack are you using? The one that comes with Stacks or something else?

The one that comes with stacks will stack to a two-up at a screen width of about 771px and change to a 1-up display at a screen width of 400px or less.

Now if you are using some other 4 column stack, the break points might be different.

I don’t think I understand what you are saying with the version 8 and version 7 stuff, are you talking about RapidWeaver 7 and 8? Not sure what you are asking about with this.

As for upgrading stacks, you didn’t have to upgrade, Stacks 3 works with RW8 okay. If you did the upgrade, it’s a good thing, you’ll like it. If you are missing stacks you had in RW7 then you need to find them on the Hard drive.

Hopefully you still have RW7 installed, it you do open it and open preferences from the men.

Select addons and click the Reveal in Finder Button.

That should get you to the location that RW7 had all your stuff installed. There should be a folder called Stacks. If you have and themes, you purchased they should be in a folder called Themes. You can copy them manually to the RW8 location or you can "reinstall them simply by selecting them (You can select more than one at a time), and then right-click and select open with and choose RapidWeaver 8.



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