What's your RW Setup?

I would like to ask users about their work set up –– specifically how may monitors of what size and what people stick on which monitors.

I’m hoping to discover profound insights from users more experienced and skillful that myself. This question is probably worthy of a new thread but I think the answers would be of interest to the RapidWeaver dev team as well.


27 iMac 5k and the LG UltraFine 27" 5K. I need the same brightness on both as well as the same resolution - so I can drag windows from one to the next without resizing etc.

This should definitely be in a new thread. Perhaps @Aaron or @dan could split it off into a new thread.

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I have both of these monitors as well. They’re amazing. I hook 2 of them up to my 15" MBP with a MX Master (3) mouse.

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I have two 27in iMacs on my desk; my older one and the new one I got last year. Before this I had the older 27in and even older 24in. It took a while to get used to two keyboards and two mice on the same desk, but now I’m fine and instinctively reach for the correct one.

The older one handles emails from all my email accounts (many) excluding my main work email. It also runs the music, my CCTV software and any other “background” stuff that I need to run 24/7.

Newer iMac is my main machine and almost always runs about half a dozen apps, each with their own desktop. Each desktop has only one app on it, although often more than one instance of it. I can’t work with more than one app per desktop, but got used to swiping between desktops no problem.

Connected to this newer iMac is a bog standard 24in Dell monitor; on this I run another email app with only my main work emails on it, a Finder window or two and normally an FPT client.

I split my emails between the two iMacs to help focus: I get notifications for emails on the newer machine but not the older, so I don’t get disturbed by any emails that land on it.

I quite often use 2 machines too. You might want to check out some Logitech Flow products. I recently got an MX Keys keyboard and a MX Master 3 mouse. They can automatically (or manually) switch between the 2 computers. You can even drag files from one to the other.

That’s nuts. I’m off to find me some Logitech!

EDIT: I may be not seeing the full range, but it appears everything is for right handers only. I’m a leftie.

That’s a poor show - you and they are missing out!

I see someone asked about this just a few days ago: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048394954-MX3-mouse-for-left-handed

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It’s one of the many prices you have to pay for being in the superior 10% of the population.


I have just made the move from a 27" iMac 5k to an iMacPro 18core. As 2nd monitor I am using a cheap DELL 24" (for palettes and mail mainly).

Just curios: How do you like the new Mac? Is RW running faster? Why did you not wait for a ARM iMacPro?

because the new iMac Pro aren’t even on the horizon. Speculations are about a MacBook Pro and an iMac with ARM processors appearing as the first models in 2021 only. This iMac Pro was a good occasion used. I wouldn’t have had the money for it new.
Regarding performance it is too soon to tell, I just started using it a few days ago.

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I now have a unique setup, so I thought I’d share.

Until recently I was using a 2019 15" MacBook Pro for my daily work, connected to an Apple Cinema Display I bought many years ago. That MacBook Pro is really good, and remains my portable computer. Thankfully I have not had any of the keyboard issues that affected others. Really like this laptop!

Recently though I had the bug, thanks to @Isaiah, @nilrog, @dan and others, to build a Hackintosh. Prior to the Mac Pro announcements I’d been saving up some money for a while to buy a modular Mac tower. But once Apple dropped the Mac Pro on us I knew I could not afford it. So my savings went to building this instead:


  • Intel i9 9900k on a Gigabyte Z390 Designare Motherboard
  • 64 gb of RAM
  • Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT video card
  • Dual boot configuration: OS X Catalina on one of the 1tb NVMe M2 drives and Windows 10 on the other M2 drive.
  • 32" Curved Philips 328E1CA monitor
  • Just ordered a couple of internal SSDs – One as a dedicated Time Machine backup and one for media.

This machine has been a pleasure to work on daily so far, and it fulfills what I wanted from the Mac Pro that I sadly could not afford – modularity and upgradability.


I’m a mobile app software developer by day (as well as a RapidWeaver user!), and I have a collection of Mac and PC laptops on my desk right now.

Prior to lockdowns, I commuted quite a lot so my main workhorse is currently a 2018 13" MacBook Pro (16GB, four Thunderbird ports). During lockdown, this is now permanently docked in a Twelve South BookArc, and connected to my wonderful BenQ 32" 4K PD monitor. This is my main development (and RW) machine.

Accessories, I have a Logitech MX Keys, MX Master 2 mouse, a Brio webcam, and a whole load of audio equipment as well (podcasts, remote interviews, and audio production!).

I have an older 2013 27" iMac and a newer 2017 27" iMac with updated SSD internal drives

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