Where can I change the "lastupdated" date?

Not sure if I lost my mind. I’m still using RapidWeaver 8 and want to update the last updated setting for my website but for the life of me, I can’t find where this date is set.


Do you use Stacks?

William beyond the stack also describes the %last_updated% macro

I do use Stacks but I did review all of them and I can’t find which one would allow me to change the last updated date. I remember typing in a field somewhere “Last Updated Date:” and the current date, manually. Did not use any script or automated method.

Go to the link that @Gianluca provided just above. The answers/options are described clearly there.

Well, that’s not really what I need. See how the webpage looks now, if I can find a way to upload the picture here (I tried to use the “image” function but after uploading and before displaying my updated message, I get a 422 error):


If you check the top corner of the screenshot, you see that “LastUpdated” did his job. However, at the bottom, I still have this “Last Updated”.

This forum lacks in functionality…

… I’m not sure what you mean the forum “lacks in functionality”. What specifically is it NOT doing?

In the image you provide there is a “page last updated” text. Is that what you want us to look at? At any rate, Wills Last Updated stack will do just that.

… okay, you keep editing your comment so some of what I wrote above may be irrelevant now. I see both “last updated” areas. It just means you have activated this “last updated” text (perhaps with the same stack, perhaps using 2 different methods) on portions of your page. Decide which one you want and get rid of the other.

As for the Imgur webpage … it’s a webpage, not an image. So you can’t upload it as an image. Just provide the link to the webpage. (That’s probably what you ended up doing.) An image on a webpage is not an “image” per se. It’s a webpage that contains an image.

Well, that’s my problem. I would like to keep the last updated in the footer of all pages but for the life of me, I cannot find where I can edit it.

There’s an option to set a Footer in the General tab, but there may be something unique to the theme you are using.

Yes, I also thought that’s where it was but it just shows the copyright for the footer. I’m really at a loss. Maybe I’ll try another theme to see if it gets back.

Based on your screenshot and forum profile name, I did a web search and I was able to find your website here: https://www.nemesys-soft.com/

If that is your website, it appears you are using the old Sno3 theme for RapidWeaver.

The ‘page last updated’ content in the website footer is set by the theme. Specifically the theme developer would have typed %last_published% and RapidWeaver then replaces that macro with the date that the page last changed.

To save you from any further confusion, I should state straight away that this has nothing to do with Stacks or any other addons, so this is not an avenue to pursue, just yet. Let’s apply the brakes and detail what is happening so far…

RapidWeaver normally replaces %last_published% in the theme HTML template with the date that the page last changed. A couple of friendly notes I want to share that might help you:

  • This date is a reflection of the date / time format your computer uses in System Preferences. After all these years, RW still does not let you customise the date format. So it can be anything like dd/mm/yy or dd-mm-yy or mm-dd-yy etc. The separators and ordering of the date units depend entirely on what you computer uses. It’s a lucky-dip, what you see!
  • The date will only change if content on the page changes and you republish the page. There is no place to manually enter or change this date. Just simply adding or removing a full stop character is often enough to trick RW into thinking the page has changed.
  • Doing a full republish of the website under the File menu should be sufficient to change the ‘last updated’ date on every page. At least it used to be.
  • The footer ‘last updated’ date stamp is only a feature in some themes. Switching themes, you will either see the same again or no date shown at all. Of course if you switch themes, RW will see that the page has changed and will likely update the date! That may or may not be the desired outcome.
  • If this date is proving to be a source of aggravation, there are often simple settings to turn it off in the theme style settings. Look in the theme Miscellaneous style settings or use custom CSS code:
#lastUpdated {
    display: none !important;

The ‘last updated’ date stamp has previously been a favourite feature of many people. It adds creditability to reference material on a website and it was found to improve SEO.

Should you need to do something more advanced with the date stamp or change it to reflect something different, I can provide paid consulting on this and other aspects.

Disclaimer: Sno3 became one of my themes (previously it was a SeyDesign / Nimblehost theme) and I am the developer of the aforementioned LastUpdated stack.


Hi Will.

Thank you for the clarification. The theme I use is the one you modified for me a little while ago, if you remember. I will look for the details you provided and want to thank you for the detailed explanation.

It looks like the last updated stamp is indeed refreshed each time the site is published. So, I guess I was wrong trying to find where that date was.

Thanks to @willwood for pointing that out!