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Hi. New to forum. Need assistance in updating my website. Used RW many years ago (2014) to build the site. It has not been updated since and as such I suspect many of the components used to build it are out of date. I would like assistance for general updating of all components as well as adding/changing some minor aspects. Ideally, someone is located near Eastern MA. Thank you.

Hi Rob and welcome to the forum,
Do you know what version of RW you had used?
Do you still have it installed on your computer?
You asked about updating Rapidweaver and its “components”, do you know what addons you have?

Do you know what theme or framework you used?

Perhaps a URL to the site would also be helpful.

Hi Doug–

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I can most likely locate much of the info you requested; meanwhile, here is the website:

Hi Rob,

Looks like you’re using the Cre4my theme from Seydesign.

Seydesign were taken over by Will Woodgate/Themeflood. Creamy is still sold and was updated late last year so should be suitably up to date. It is for RW 8 only. Don’t know how well your current RW project file will be opened on RW 8 though.

Here’s the link

Thank you Paul. I will be looking into the available updates over the next few days and write again if I encounter any issues.

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