Where is the sitemap option in RW8

Where is the sitemap option in RW8. It’s been hidden somewhere!


I wouldn’t bother with the inbuilt sitemap generation tool - its largely useless as I have recently discovered.


I am not sure that I would call it useless. You can enable/disable the Sitemap inside of the Advanced project settings. I use the default sitemap and my site seems to be ranking pretty well.

My experience was that the inbuilt RW sitemap creation tool managed to only ‘see’ 37 pages.

Once I moved to an external xml generation tool the correct number of page entries (in their hundreds) were identified which has enabled me to have Google start the process of indexing.

Without the external xml generation tool Google simply would not have know about the pages existence.

Sitemap Plus is a great product as well… http://yourhead.com/sitemap

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