Sitemap is all wrong!

I’ve just noticed to my alarm that the sitemap on my newly uploaded site is completely wrong. Meaning the links are actually incorrect. It’s a new update of an old site and I deleted the whole thing from the server and re uploaded all files so everything is fresh, just the wrong sitemap.

Here is the sitemap
A few lines down from the top it references the file /wedding-photos/wedding-photos/brides.php and there are numerous others like it. This folder does not exist!

If anyone could shed any light I would be most grateful!

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You can creat a sepatate Sitemap here Sitemap XML and see what it wil get you

Thanks for that Robert, I’ve just created a new one and uploaded it which is correct.

It’s a little disturbing why the RW one is so wrong. It’s like it still has an old sitemap cached. Is there a way to get over this in RW, as every time I upload I will need to manually create a new sitemap.


Is this an RW8 update from RW7?

I’ve had the same issue with the RW generated sitemap.xml. I noticed it first in RW7. I switched to generating it manually then. I tried the RW8 generated sitemap.xml after I upgraded and it is still generating incorrect entries for me.


Have you let Realmac know? If it’s an issue still in RW8 then they’re actively working on stuff. They might need more details and a project file.

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Sadly, no I hadn’t. When I first encountered it I searched here and found a post concerning the same issue that had been closed after a month without any replies on the original post:

At the time, maybe mistakenly, I thought it was an isolated occurrence based on how I built my site. I did try a few tests and in the end I just changed my workflow to generate the sitemap manually. I publish locally and use Transmit to sync my site to the live server - so I just edit the local file as required. I hadn’t thought about the issue much since until I saw this new post.

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I’ve always used Sitemap from @isaiah

Give it a try. I’ve never had much joy with the built in sitemap but the above has served me well for years.


I’ve also had problems with the RW sitemap tool. In my case, everything appears to work fine, but Google’s Search Console reports that very little has been indexed. Returning to the Loghound / YourHead tool seems to improve things again. Interestingly - I have also had luck in submitting multiple sitemaps, including a sitemap_b.xml and a sitemap_images.xml file via - my site has lots of images. Google appears to like the images sitemap !

I’ve noticed the same problem, when I indexed my site with RapidSearch Pro today. It seems that the sitemap.xml does not go any deeper then one recoursiv level. Please help, I don’t want to manual make a new sitemap everytime a apply a change.

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