Where to add a GoDaddy SSL certificate code

(René Schaap) #1

One of our clients has a hosting account at GoDaddy.

Because we added a new CMS to the website (EasyCMS) we also asked GoDaddy to update to https and update their PHP on the server side so all would work and will be safe and secure from their side.

They came back with a SSL certificate code, i deleted some info in the example codein the below code to keep it all safe.

My question is this… must i add this code into my Rapidweaver?
If yes… Why and Where?

Thanks in advance,

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #2

If needed then I think it would be added in the code section on the left panel.

But perhaps you can ask godaddy if it needs to be inserted into your website and where? If they say “header” then that’s a good hint.

(Dylan Banks) #3

I would have a look here: https://uk.godaddy.com/help/install-ssl-certificates-16623

If it’s the actual certificate code, that will need to be placed somewhere on the server in your cPanel. That’s if what godaddy useses as I have no idea otherwise.

(Doug Bennett) #4

Don’t put inside any code. Anything you put on or in your site can be easily seen. If godaddy didn’t set it up for you it needs to by applied on the backend (cPannel).